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The First RNA Standard Results from SCG Indy

The first major tournament for Ravnica Allegiance Standard was last weekend at the SCG Open in Indianapolis . While Wizards has  moved away from coverage at GPs , Star City Games went the other way and expanded its event coverage, including sending Emma Handy, Gerry Thompson and Bryan Gottlieb to cover events and publishing decklists for all decks making day 2 of the Opens. Let's dig into those decklists and results to see what we can find! The Top Decks There are several ways one can define the top-performing deck of a tournament, and most of them point to Sultai Midrange. It was the most popular deck on day two, with 17 copies, tied Esper Control with two pilots in the top 8 and took down the tournament, in the capable hands of Anthony Devarti. The average numbers were not quite as good as a few of the other decks, but this is not surprising, and is a product of having so many more people playing Sultai Midrange than any other deck on day two. As you can see from Devarti&

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